Valuable Crops-Renewable Fuels, a start-up since November 2005, operates in the knowledge domain.

Commercial Cultivation of plants:

High harvest value,
Suitability to Indian agro climatic conditions,
Established sources of high quality planting material,
Eligiblity for Govt subsidy,
Growing demand.

Cultivation and production of Renewable Fuels, with initial focus on Biodiesel production:

Global Warming,
Transportation fuels,
 Lack of immediate technology which feasible to substitute present transportation fuels,
Biodiesel is a viable substitute in the short run as it reduces green house effect and noxious gas emissions substantially,
India has vast scope to develop this fuel,
Active encourage to entrepreneurs from Indian Govt.

We do not have the resources to invest in these areas. However, we have the knowledge base to advise and implement business for investors. This knowledge base is being constantly upgraded, to meet the challenges and demands of this fast expanding area of business.

Through our site, we endeavour to provide information, as well as provide relevant news and links. This site is under ongoing development and will improve to meet the requirements of viewers as days go by.

This objective of this site is to give viewers some idea of the areas we are working in, a clear idea of the services and products we are offering and to invite business from interested parties. Please check frequently for updates.

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