SERVICES OFFERED - Renewable Fuels

Sourcing of better quality planting material for Jatropha curcas having high seed yield and high oil yield.
Turnkey execution of large scale planting of Jatropha curcas.
Application for wasteland to Governments of different states.
Subsidy applications, as applicable.
Project Feasibility studies for Biodiesel Production and energy production from Biomass Generators.

Selection of suitable Biodiesel and Biomass production technologies.

Project monitoring.

Information on status of Biodiesel and Biomass industry in India.
Information collection on status of Biodiesel and Biomass industries worldwide.
Legal and tax framework applicable to Biodiesel and Biomass industries in India.
Setting up tailored Accounting Systems.
Helping in getting funding for the projects.
Searching for collaborators, if required.

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